Do I need a referral?

No.  The doctor is a primary contact physician and will assess your problem at the clinic on your first appointment.

What should I bring on my first appointment?

If you already have a prescription from your family doctor you may bring that.  If you have an existing pair of orthotics it would be helpful to your assessment to have these with you. 

Are the visits covered by private insurance?

In most cases private insurance covers treatments and orthotics.  Your coverage is dependent on the plan you have with your insurance carrier.  We ask that you bring your insurance information with you on your second visit.  OHIP does not cover the costs of treatment.

How long will I be in your waiting room?

We are fully committed to your appointment and when you arrive we strive to be sure you're seen within 5-10 minutes of your arrival.  Your time is valuable and we appreciate that.

How long is the first appointment?

We recommend that you allow 30-45 minutes for your first visit to our office.

Is it true that there is no fee for the first two visits?

Yes.  No fee whatsoever.

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